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Antique Thai

Antique Thai

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This enigmatic allure of Trat with our distinguished oud oil, a true masterpiece from our 30-year-old plantation in Thailand. This unique fragrance, steeped in the depths of nature, evokes the essence of a lush jungle with its profound mossy scent, enveloping you in the mysterious hues of dark green foliage and the intriguing aroma of aged, corroded wood. Its earthy, vintage character is a homage to the untouched beauty and primal essence of the land, offering a profoundly grounding and authentic scent experience. Lasting and evocative, this oud oil is a tribute to the raw, unrefined splendour of Trat, inviting you to partake in its timeless narrative and deep, earthy embrace.

Trat, Thailand


30 years

Steam Distilled

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