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Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya

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Embark on an olfactory ascent with "Gunung Raya," a masterful creation that stands as the pinnacle of our collection, mirroring the majesty of Langkawi Island's highest peak. Harvested from the wilds of Terengganu, Malaysia, and aged for an impressive 35 years, this steam-distilled treasure captures the essence of exceptional craftsmanship and dedication. "Gunung Raya" unfolds with the refreshing clarity of mint, a scent that evokes the crisp, invigorating air at high altitudes. This exquisite oil is a symphony of meticulous wood selection and distillation expertise, culminating in a well-rounded and mature fragrance. It is not just an oud oil; it is our magnum opus, embodying the zenith of artistry in the realm of scent, designed to elevate your senses and offer a transcendent experience.

Terengganu, Malaysia


35 Years

Steam Distilled

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