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Hainan Mzizi

Hainan Mzizi

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Introducing "Hainan Mzizi," an extraordinary oud oil that embodies the essence of rarity and depth, sourced from the venerable roots of wild trees on Hainan Island, China. Aged for an astonishing 80 years and meticulously steam distilled, this oil captures the quintessence of its origin—distilled from the profound depths beneath the earth, where the roots, or 'mzizi,' harbour a unique essence sculpted by time.

Upon first encounter, "Hainan Mzizi" unveils a captivating opening note of sour tamarind, an ethereal whisper that heralds the complexity to follow. It then unfurls into a rich tapestry of deep, earthy nuances, anchored by a verdant canopy of green bamboo leaves. These elements converge to create a scent profile that is unmistakably Hainan, yet elevated to an unparalleled level of refinement and complexity.

Reserved for the most discerning of collectors, "Hainan Mzizi" represents not just an olfactory delight but a treasured piece of aromatic artistry, a testament to the sublime transformations wrought by nature and time. It is an invitation to experience the sublime, a rare journey into the heart of oud perfection.


Hainan, China


80 Years

Steam Distilled

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