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Hainan Shina

Hainan Shina

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Presenting "Hainan Shina," a remarkable oud oil that epitomises the multifaceted essence of agarwood, sourced from the very same venerable tree that gave us "Hainan Mzizi." This extraordinary product, hailing from Hainan, China, and aged for 80 years, is steam-distilled with precision to capture the unique character and soul of its origin.

"Hainan Shina" commences with an intriguing opening of arak notes, evoking an initial burst of intensity and richness. This potent beginning gracefully transitions to the scent of freshly hewn timber, embodying the raw, untamed spirit of the wood. The journey culminates in a distinctive honeyed note, a signature of Hainan's oud, offering a sweet, enduring finish that lingers delightfully on the skin throughout the day.

The term 'shina' signifies the bark or trunk of the tree, highlighting the oil's deep connection to its source and the intrinsic beauty of the wood itself. "Hainan Shina" stands as a tribute to the layered complexity and sheer beauty that agarwood can achieve, showcasing a spectrum of scents that unfold with elegance and depth. It is an invitation to explore the sophisticated side of oud, a sensory experience that resonates with the connoisseur's appreciation for unparalleled natural artistry.


Hainan, China


80 years

Steam Distilled

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