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Kyara Dashi

Kyara Dashi

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Introduce yourself to "Kyara Dashi," an exquisite oud oil from Guangdong, China, that marries the ancient distillation artistry with contemporary elegance. Dubbed 'Dashi', Japanese for 'Master', this 25-year-aged essence pays homage to age-old Chinese techniques, capturing a rare depth and complexity.

At first encounter, "Kyara Dashi" presents an enthralling array of scents, beginning with the sweet nuance of honey and the fresh zest of green apples, then transitioning to a rich blend of spicy wood accords, complemented by the lushness of raw honey and the robust character of fermented fruits.

Crafted from cultivated trees yet echoing the essence of wild kynam, "Kyara Dashi" stands out for its historical distillation process and longevity, persisting for days on the skin. This oil offers a unique sensory experience, providing a gateway to the revered traditions of Chinese agarwood distillation.


Guangdong, China


25 Years

Steam Distilled

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