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"Langmoor" is not merely an oud oil; it is an irreplaceable treasure within our Malaysian collection, sourced from the unique moroki wood of Langkawi Island, a location now devoid of oud. This oil, aged 30 years and steam distilled, unveils a scent journey merging the depth of coffee with vivid green jungle essences, particularly reminiscent of coffee blossoms, enduring up to 12 hours on the skin.

Beyond its exquisite aroma, "Langmoor" embodies the essence of exclusivity and heritage. Acquiring this oil means possessing a fragment of history, as its availability is as finite as the wood from which it was crafted. For collectors and oud aficionados, "Langmoor" is not just an acquisition but a pivotal addition to any collection, celebrated for its unparalleled rarity and distinctive scent profile. Once it finds a home, the opportunity to experience "Langmoor" may never present itself again, making it an essential piece for those who cherish the artistry and legacy of oud.

Kedah, Malaysia


30 Years

Steam Distilled

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