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Malay Blues

Malay Blues

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"Malay Blues" is the crown jewel among our oud oils, hailing from the wilds of Pahang, Malaysia, and boasting a heritage of 30 years. This oil, derived from the malaccensis species known for its azulene content, showcases an extraordinary transformation in color—from blue to green, then dark yellow, and finally to brown over three decades. Its rarity is unmatched, as it represents one of the oldest azulene-rich malaccensis oils available, exclusively offered by Hunayn.

The name "Malay Blues" not only references its unique coloration but also pays homage to the soulful depths of blues music, mirroring the oil's profound and complex scent profile. With notes that echo raw coffee beans, fresh berries, and the smoky nuances of camphor and incense, this oil presents an aromatic palette that evolves and deepens with time.

Reserved for the most discerning collectors and connoisseurs, "Malay Blues" is more than an oud oil; it is an artifact of nature and time, demanding to be treasured and preserved. Its acquisition signifies a deep appreciation for the rarest of sensory experiences, a testament to the collector's understanding and passion for the art of oud.


Pahang, Malaysia


30 Years

Steam distilled

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