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Immerse yourself in the essence of Mombasa with our signature fragrance, designed to embody the vibrant spirit and rich heritage of this coastal gem. "Mombasa" opens with zesty top notes of lime, sweet orange, and a hint of pink pepper, capturing the city's sunny disposition and welcoming warmth. The journey continues with an opulent floral heart, featuring jasmine sambac, rose chamomile, and a touch of Malaysian rose, interspersed with the exotic spiciness of black pepper and saffron, reflecting Mombasa's diverse cultural tapestry.

As the fragrance settles, a harmonious blend of sandalwood, vetiver, and Omani frankincense in the base notes evokes the timeless allure of Mombasa's storied past and its connection to the earth and sea. "Mombasa" is not just a perfume; it's an homage to a city where history, culture, and nature converge, offering a sensory experience as enchanting and layered as Mombasa itself.


Top Notes: Lime, Sweet Orange, Pink pepper

Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Jasmine Leaves, Malaysian Rose, Rose Chamomile, Black Pepper, Saffron

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Indian Vetiver, Omani Frankincense

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